Engage your customers in-store, increase basket size.

bfonics retailer advantages

Affect choices of purchase

Convert moving masses of consumers to loyal customers with real time engagement.

Increment user experience

Customers benefit from information sent to their mobile devices real time.

Increase customer contentment

Deliver personalized digital experiences to your in-store shoppers like never before.


Revolutionizing the in-store experience

So, How Does It Work?

Deploy Beacons

Retailers first deploy beacons in strategic locations all over their store. With a bevy of hardware options to choose from, as a retailer, you get to deploy beacons the way you want to (and on a lesser note: in the color that you want to as well). You can use beacons from bfonics itself (in which case, you get the color option) or some other third-party provider and can then proceed to use the bfonics SDK.


SDK Integration

Retailers can then install the bfonics SDK to their repertoire of applications (which by the way, is quite easy to install) in their android or iOS devices allowing them to deliver awesome and unique mobile experiences to all their highly valued customers in the store. The app helps establish a connection with all the beacon transmitters that have been established all over the store. The app further helps retailers to keep track of their various customers as can be seen in the next step.


Increased Reach

Shop owners and retailers can increase the reach of their portable devices by accessing bfonics network of prime mobile app publishers, enabling them to maintain and engage with a growing amount of in-store shoppers. This allows retailers to better understand what makes these customers tick and can suitably and accordingly change their strategy to better reflect the choices of the customers.


bfonics for Retailers

The bfonics for retailers platform provides a set of unique and varied tools that allow for creating, managing and optimizing proximity-based mobile marketing techniques and the like. What bfonics excels at is providing targeted mobile experience to customers all the while maintaining complete and utter control over their product. Retailers all over have always wanted and wished for ways in which they can better understand the mind of their in-store customers so as to make more profitable strategies. Well, with beacons and especially bfonics beacons, that's a giant leap towards making that wish a reality. As previously mentioned, This allows for the retailer to maintain a constant observation of their customers and rearrange their strategies accordingly.