1.What is a 'smart' beacon?
2. Why is Bluetooth low energy (BLE) important?
3.Do beacons work with iPhones and Android phones?
4.What is an iBeacon? Is it just an apple beacon?
5.What does Apple's iBeacon technology do?
6.Do beacons beam data to phones?
7.If, as a retailer, I purchase beacons from a vendor, how do I know they'll work with my app?
8.How can I install beacons? how long they last?
9.I am customer and installed the mobile app. I am getting too many notifications. How about my privacy here?
10.Is my data secure in your platform?
11.iBeacons!... lot of Hype.. What is all these about? Give me some potential use of this technology.
12.I am small retailer. What are the main features that you offer in your platform? Great question! Our solution has six major components.
13.How long does shipping take?
14.I purchased beacons but my shipment has not arrived - What do I do now?
15.Where can I find your SDKs?
16.Do I have to use your SDK?
17.Do you offer a SDK for both iOS and Android?
18.Does the user need to have the app open for the beacon to work?
19.Is your beacons iBeacon certified?
20.Do customers need an application installed on their mobile device to receive notifications?
21.What is the range of the beacons?
22.Do you all have a reseller program?
23.What kind of technical support you offer?
24.I am corporate customer/reseller and want to make a bulk order. What next?
25.I am not finding the answer for my question in the above FAQ. What next?