Mobile app for School/Universities

A mobile app can play an important role in converting the students, teachers and parents to active participants in the school.

School communities are a diverse group that needs to be informed and up-to-date on everything happening within its walls. The school community group includes students, teachers, parents, administrators, support staff, vendors, government and health and safety services. This is a wide ranging network that all needs a way to quickly and efficiently access their desired information about the school. For example, in the case of a weather emergency, how can we best communicate with our entire school community about any delays or school closures?

There are nearly 100 million iPhone and Android devices in the market and consumer research indicates that most mobile device users keep their phones within arm's reach over 90 percent of their waking hours. However, most school websites were designed for the computer and are not compatible with smart phones.

School Mobile Apps wants to address this clear need for streamlined communication. With a mobile platform you can effectively communicate with the varied parties on their smart phone devices. Utilizing today's technology will enable you to more effectively manage and market your school to current and potential families.

Value addition also include:

Promotes a green environment within your school community by eliminating some paper correspondence

Increased visibility to school events

Provides up-to-date information for schedule changes in all sports and club activities

Increased community participation at every level


Stay Connected With Your School Community: Your mobile app & site will allow you to connect with teachers, students and parents directly through your iPhone, Android or Windows device.

Mobile Access To School Calendar and Schedule

Keep up to date on school closings, upcoming exams, social events, athletic activities, school trips and so much more from anywhere in the world.

Provide Instant Alerts Through Push Messaging

Send text alerts directly to a mobile device at no additional cost. Provide weather alerts, last minute changes, reminders and more 24/7.


Improve Communication with Students and Parents

Better Collaboration between Students

Any time a student needs to collaborate, they simply share their screen with the only target they see, automatically delivered based on the device's proximity to the iBeacon.


Equipment tracking

Given the small cost and long battery life of beacon devices, it makes sense to tag valuable equipment within Schools.

Sync Schedules and Send Push Notifications real time.


iBeacons could provide navigation aids on large campuses, deliver policies and information to visitors and family members, display the cafeteria menu each day, and allow teachers and guidance counselors to broadcast information related to their classes or services.

Ability to provide location based notifications and information, and the ability to create dynamic groups and sharing spaces based on proximity to a beacon.