Mobile app for Stadiums and Sports Arenas

With the help of iBeacon Technology integration, Stadium or Team management can push welcome messages, exclusive content, maps and coupons to their mobile app based on fans' locations within a particular stadium and the positioning of the beacons. Up till then, such precision targeting was not possible.

With the help of this technology, club's marketing department could proactively send a push notification to fans thanking them for their tenth visit to the stadium and directing them to a nearby concession stand for a free hot dog.

iBeacon Technology can eliminate other time wasters like looking for seats in the stadium and waiting lines in the rest rooms etc..

The iBeacons will be used to check fans in when they walk through the gate and thus avoid long queues. The check-in process will enable the teams to target notifications at only fans who are in the stadium.

iBeacons could be used to do things like mapping locations for seating, restrooms and concessions.

Enhanced game day experience

Advanced targeting capabilities for proximity communication based on fans profiles, social and on-site behaviors.

Provide better upselling opportunities

It create better monetization opportunities in real-time, based on fans current emotions and reactions.


Provide a cost

effective advertising network for the business owners in the proximity or in the City - This beacon network provide the business owners a secure, cost effective, reliable, high- return platform for their advertisement and marketing dollars. They can immediately recognize the return on investment on this type of marketing.

Increased brand awareness for major brands

Major brands (irrespective of whether they are in the proximity or not) can make use of this advertisement network to market their brand to the public.


Additional revenue for the Stadium/ Club

This iBeacon network is going to add additional revenue for the Club/Stadium. bfonics will be supporting the infrastructure, help run the platform. Either the Club/Stadium management can manage the advertisement platform or can source it to a third party or can be managed by bfonics itself.

Reliable, new generation technology platform to reach out to fans

The app and the beacon network is providing the club yet another medium where it can reach out and engage fans more. The same beacon network is not just for sending advertisements or deals but can be used for sending any type of notifications/messages to the visitors.