Mobile app for Retailer

Retail: "Get a 20% discount on the camera in front of you!"

Get a 20% discount on the camera in front of you! Yes, this is possible with iBeacon. Imagine yourself walking into the camera department in your local department store. An iBeacon sensor can detect that you are close to the camera displayed in the shop, and immediately offer you a coupon, straight to your phone. This will make it a lot harder for you to say no to that shiny new full-frame camera, right? Needless to say that retailers around the world are very excited about iBeacon and some have started to implement iBeacons already.

Contextualized promotions

Retailers and advertising partners can send customized notifications about deals and offer coupons, contests, scavenger hunts, or personalized loyalty programs for shoppers based on their location (within a shopping mall or a particular store), the time of day, purchase history etc.;

Information on shopper behavior in real time, prior to purchase

Retailers can monitor their customers' visits, walking paths, and specific places where they stay longer. A storeowner can know for how long a customer lingers in front of a certain display, which can suggest extra interest. Then the system can supply additional information like online reviews or, in the case of clothing stores, other available colors or styles. The system remembers a customer's past purchases and sends relevant offers, e.g., "These shoes are perfect with the leather jacket you bought two weeks ago!"


Navigation around the mall

It can be a challenge for shoppers to find their way around a shopping mall; using iBeacon apps, locating a customer on a map can be of great help.

Customer traffic analytics

Mall owners can gather where the most valuable real estate in the center is.


Welcome messages

These can contain promotions, contests, loyalty programs, and more. The system can record the entrance customers came in to help guide them back to their cars when they leave home.

Online and offline shopping integration

A simple example: in the offline store, customers can pick up the items they purchased in the online version. Online and offline analytics can be merged for conversion rate evaluation.