Mobile app for Malls

Proximity based mall advertising has unique advantages in terms of reaching your target audience, making meaningful connections, and increasing sales.

Think about this—there are very few places where the audience is already in the buying mood. Timing is a critical component to effective advertising, and proximity based mall ads allow businesses to reach their audience at the most opportune time possible. This element of mall advertising helps businesses of all sizes turn advertising impressions into increased revenue.

In addition to this, mall advertisements also provide a wide array of options that allow businesses to not only communicate their message, but help reach their target market as well. bfonics is here to help retail businesses to engage those shoppers real time, in-store, which can lead to more sales and improved ROI for store owners.

Based on our proposal, once we deploy our smart beacons across the mall and integrate the beacon network with the mall's mobile app, it will be able to push offers and advertisements to customers, relevant to their specific locations.

This iBeacon based network can be used by any one (brands or retailers) to push deals, coupons and messages to the consumers visiting the malls.

Let's convert the moving masses of consumers to Loyal Customers.


Help the bricks and mortar stores in the Mall

Irrespective of the type of business, most of the bricks and mortar stores are feeling the pressure because of growing online sales. It is a fact that more and more people are getting attracted to online sales and deals and this is getting it very difficult for the bricks and mortar stores to keep up with this competition. The proposed beacon network help engage customers in -store and in the proximity by sending the deals and messages real time. This can attract and engage more customers within the store and lead to increase sales and improved ROI for store owners. This is going to help the Mall as people are going to spend more dollars in -store, instead of online.

Additional revenue for the Mall Owner / Mall Management Company

The iBeacon network is going to add additional revenue for the Mall Owner/ Mall Management Company. bfonics will be supporting the infrastructure, help run the platform , and will be sharing the revenue with Mall Management. Either Mall Officials can manage the advertisement platform or can source it to a third party or can be managed by bfonics itself.


Increased brand awareness for major brands

Major brands (irrespective of whether they are in town or not) can make use of this advertisement network to market their brand to the public.

Provide a cost - effective advertising network for the business owners

The beacon network provide the small business owners a secure, low cost, reliable, high-return platform for their advertisement and marketing dollars. They can immediately recognize the return on investment on this type of marketing.


Improved customer engagement

The mall management can improve the user experience levels by making the maps offered in their app, beacon enabled. A beacon enabled map would help the users to find their desired location from their current location. Additionally the mall management can engage the app users in alternate reality games like treasure hunts.

Reliable, new generation technology platform to reach out to public

The app and the beacon network is providing the Mall yet another medium where it can reach out and engage customers visiting the mall. The same beacon network is not just for sending advertisements or deals but can be used for sending any type of notifications/ messages to the public.