Mobile app for Hospitality Industry (Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts & Casinos)

With the help of iBeacon Technology integration, Casino and Hotel management can push welcome messages, xclusive content, maps and coupons to visitor's mobile app based on their locations within a particular area in the hotel/casino and the positioning of the beacons. Up till then, such precision targeting was not possible.

Personalized Service Experience to guests: Everybody wants to feel special, and to be treated like a VIP. With iBeacon technology, it easy and affordable to do mass personalization. Hotels, Resorts and Casinos that take advantage of this new capability are going to see huge gains in customer loyalty.

Guest Proximity Display- Recognize guests by name and picture within close proximity to staff.

Technology can be used for tracking customers' locations within a building, proximity-based display to give staff personalized information to help serve each guest, and point-of-sale tracking and analytics.

You walk into a hotel and approach the front desk. As you approach, the front desk staff receives your pertinent information to make the check-in process as smooth as possible (ID, name, room preferences, and other notes). They greet you by name, you feel like a VIP.

As you're seated in a Casino, the wait staff is alerted of your presence, accesses your profile, and can see that you prefer a certain type of cocktail.

As you walk into a hotel's high-end restaurant, the hostess is alerted to your presence. Server's can access your dietary preferences and alert you to new specials based on past dishes you have ordered.


How about the thermostat and lighting adjusting to your preferences upon entry? iBeacon could even be used to offer dynamic maps of hotel amenities depending on location.

Technology can provide you a "self-guided art tour" through the hotel's art collection.


Receive offers and perks based on your location, while in the property.

How about keyless entry to your room, where an iBeacon picks up your phone in close proximity and unlocks your room door?