Mobile app for Event Venues/Events/Trade Shows/Conferences

Event Organizerslisten up! True indoor-positioning is finally here!

Large event venues have been anxiously searching for an efficient and accurate way to provide indoor positioning (and routing) for their visitors. The wait is finally over! They can now simple place iBeacons around their venue. Thanks to the iBeacons, a venue app or event app can show users exactly where they are inside the venue and provide routing on a tradeshow to any given exhibitor. Combining this technology with user profiling in apps opens up even more possibilities. A visitor on a tradeshow, with an interest in a certain product, can be sent a relevant offer straight to his phone when walking by a booth.

iBeacons can be used for events to assist in:

Location information and navigation assistance: A geofence can notify attendees where they are on a map and give help on where they wish to go.

Gamification and scavenger hunts

Attendee welcome and other location-based alert notifications or app launching upon arrival

Attendees could automatically check-in to an event zone. A badge could be printed automatically upon arrival with a notification sent to the recipient with the badge printer location.

Social media networking and information exchange. The communication can be two-way so, with user permission, the phone app can transmit contact information, social media profiles, specific meeting room access information, meal tracking, food preferences, and much more. Communication between attendees can be enhanced with notification/pictures/information about who is nearby.

Lead exchange/tracking

Exhibit booth dwell time measurement

Automated demonstrations (videos, etc.)for exhibit booth products or any other interest point in a conference venue.

Exhibitors could send out targeted messages to different categories of participants.

The venues could provide information to visitors. Local area merchants could send discount coupons to convention attendees.

AV companies or venues could be notified if unauthorized equipment with an RFID tag linked to a geofence is removed from the premise.

Attendee action metrics: Organizers will be able to track where attendees are spending their time and can be notified of traffic patterns (i.e. an inordinately long registration line). These data can be very helpful for marketing and event logistics improvement.