Mobile app for Auto Dealers

It's very important for car dealers to get as much people into their dealerships as possible. Providing a great experience to their visitors is thus an absolute must! Thanks to iBeacon you could now easily get detailed information on your phone from the car you're looking at. This can, for example, also make it possible to instantly compare 2 cars with each other helping you to make the right decision.

Our technology greatly enhances the car buying experience.With an iBeacon enabled mobile app, prospective car buyers can receive specific car information as they navigate their way through your showroom. Now you can provide car buyers with promotions and notifications when they are in your dealership or within a few miles of your front door.

Mobile app for Auto Dealers

  • Information regarding all the sales events, timing, news etc.- static information
  • Detailed Map of the facility
  • Inventory of new and used cars, with brand grouping and details
  • Tutorial graphics- to provide information about the app/features
  • Any additional static information - regarding leadership and other details about wade ford.
  • Get a Quote' on a New or Pre-Owned vehicle
  • 'Order a Part' through our Parts department
  • Find directions using the built in Maps Application - google maps/ search integration
  • Find info for each department, including hours, phone's and inventory
  • Integrate 'Chat' feature to the mobile app
    • About page : text page about company
    • Add Photos and Videos : photo and video albums
    • Offline messages/ notifications : send newsletters to your customers
    • Schedule sales and service appointments
    • Contacts : One touch call,one touch email, add to contacts
    • Social Media Integration : Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

Mobile applications also include the below iBeacon technology features as well.

  • Notification triggering/ beacon detection
  • Message inbox
  • Message detail screen
  • Option to Share message to social media, delete message, stop messages, subscribe to similar messages.
  • Option to set preferences on messages