Mobile app for Airport

Why Airport need a Mobile App?

It is a known fact that more and more major airports across the world developing official mobile app for smartphones as it gives customers the latest information and updates about flights, parking, shops, restaurants and airport services at their fingertips.

These free apps comes with features including:

  • Real time flight information
  • Push notifications of airport special announcements
  • Notifications of the latest status updates of saved flights
  • Location maps showing airport facilities such as check-in counters, airline lounges, boarding gates and transfer areas
  • Book Long Stay car parking
  • View the latest airport security guide
  • See full shop and restaurant listings
  • Weather and city guides
  • Airport journey planner
  • Flight timetables for every airline

Secure Your Airspace

"If you're not controlling the airspace in your airport... who is?"

Help the bricks and mortar stores in the City

Irrespective of the type of business, most of the bricks and mortar stores are feeling the pressure because of growing online sales. It is a fact that more and more people are getting attracted to online sales and deals and this is getting it very difficult for the bricks and mortar stores to keep up with this competition. The proposed beacon network help engage customers in -store and in the proximity by sending the deals and messages real time. This can attract and engage more customers in - store and lead to increase sales and improved ROI for store owners. This is going to help the city as people are going to spend more dollars in -store and in the state, instead of online.

Additional revenue for the airport

This iBeacon network is going to add additional revenue for the airport. bfonics will be supporting the infrastructure, help run the platform and will be sharing the revenue with the airport. Either airport can manage the advertisement platform or can source it to a third party or can be managed by bfonics itself.

Increased brand awareness for major brands

Major brands (irrespective of whether they are in the city or not) can make use of this advertisement network to market their brand to the public.

Reliable, new generation technology platform to reach out to public

The app and the beacon network is providing the airport yet another medium where it can reach out and engage passengers more. The same beacon network is not just for sending advertisements or deals but can be used for sending any type of notifications/messages to the passengers.

Provide a cost - effective advertising network for the business owners in the Airport and also in the City

This beacon network provide the small business owners a secure, low cost, reliable, high- return platform for their advertisement and marketing dollars. They can immediately recognize the return on investment on this type of marketing.